About WorkersFirst

WorkersFirst is the oldest fund in the state, beginning in 1965. We are sponsored by the Subcontractors Association of Alabama (SubAla).

WorkersFirst's dividend program is arguable the strongest in the state.  WorkersFirst operates as an unincorporated trust and retains only the equity deemed necessary to maintain the financial solvency of the fund. All other unused premiums are declared as dividends to be paid back to the membership, as they are approved to be released. All dividends are approved by the Department of Labor, auditors, & actuaries of the fund. Great care is taken to insure that the financial status of the fund is completely safe before distributing dividends at all times.

The Fund is backed by an "A" rated reinsurance company, Midwest Employers Casualty Company, Inc. (Rated A-15), and has been since 1988. Midwest is the reinsurance provider for a large percentage of self insurance funds in the state as well as around the country.

WorkersFirst partners with CCMSI to provide our claims and other administrative services. We have a team of highly qualified adjustors with over 40 year's experience. We are members of ALAMED - a workers' compensation preferred provider organization, which provides an average medical savings of 11% above & beyond the state fee schedule.

As a member of SubAla our safety program, including our extensive electronic safety library, is fully paid for by the association, to insure a good safety plan and a safe work place. Addionally, we provide professional emplyment practices resources, including a human resources library, for Workers'First members.  Our specialty is dealing with sub-contractors in the artisan trades therefore our programs are tailored for these types of exposures.


A few highlights of WorkersFirst Include:

  • Human Resource Services
  • Competitive Rates
  • Flat Upfront Discounts
  • Discounts Based on Experience
  • Volume Discounts
  • Tenure Discounts
  • New Member Incentive Discounts

Please forward your submissions for Alabama subcontractors to:

Emily Sanders
Email: Emily@workersfirst.net
Phone: 205 981-9059
Fax: 205 981-9588

Jenny Davis
Email: Jennifer@workersfirst.net
Phone: 205 981-9594
Fax: 205 981-9588